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Self-guided Walks

Welcome to the Independent way to walk the Abel Tasman Track.

The Abel Tasman Coastal Track is one of the most picturesque places in New Zealand, it’s easy to see why it gets the most visitors each year of any of the Great Walks. It also helps that the track is very easy to follow and is almost impossible to get lost on. This is why you will love our self-guided walks.

Going self-guided allows you to wander through this stunning landscape and interpret it your own way. With maps and advice from our team before you leave and all your accommodation, food and transport taken care of you will be able to stop at as many of the gorgeous golden sand beaches as you feel like, have a swim or just put your feet in the warm inviting waters.

Perfect for those who want to stroll at their own pace, linger on golden sand beaches and enjoy afternoon swims. We take care of all the details to give you a seamless Abel Tasman experience – from bag transfers and accommodation, to maps and delicious gourmet picnic lunches.

Discover the Abel Tasman Track in your own way – but without missing anything.

See our 2 Day, 3 Day and 4 Day options below to find the perfect trip for you!

3 Day Self-guided Options


The Abel Tasman Coastal Track is the worst kept secret in New Zealand and it’s easy to see why.  Walking the track over 3 days allows you to experience the magic the park has to offer while still giving you time to soak it all in. It’s easy to see why this is the most popular length of stay in the Abel Tasman.

These 3 day self-guided journeys offer great packages from luxury accommodation with all the trimmings to a chance to go a little intrepid and travel independently.

3 Day Classic

Enjoy the Abel Tasman with your choice of accommodation options

Walk the most popular sections of the Abel Tasman Coastal Track and see why they have earned this title. With a choice of accommodation options you can make this trip your own, while we do the hard work to make it a reality. Enjoy walking along the golden sand beaches, through stunning native forest and visiting the most picturesque places New Zealand has to offer.

3 Day North

Take a different path and visit the less-travelled northern section of the Abel Tasman Coastal Track 

Spend 3 days walking through the heart of the park, immersing yourself in the magical northern section to truly experience the Abel Tasman at its finest. With everything taken care of this is a walk with a difference, and explores the path less travelled.

3 Day Backpacker

Get back to basics and meet interesting people from around the world in bunkhouse accommodation

Walk the Abel Tasman Coastal Track with your pack on your back and all your gear close to hand. Take the truly independent path and enjoy roughing it in style.

4 Day Self-guided Options


For those who just can’t get enough of this golden-sand paradise spend four days in the Abel Tasman. Take extra time to rejuvenate yourself on the golden sand beaches, in the almost unbelievably blue water and calming native forest. Or why not experience the scenery from the water, and see for yourself why kayaking is famous in the Abel Tasman National Park?

4 Day Classic

Walk the most popular sections of the Abel Tasman Coastal Track with time to relax and unwind 

The Abel Tasman needs to be experienced to be believed. A great way to take in all it has to offer and soak up some of its magic is to spend 3 days walking the track with one day to rest and appreciate your perfect surroundings with a rest day at the superb Awaroa Lodge. Why not take a guided kayak tour and take in the park from the water.

4 Day All The Way

For those who just can’t get enough of this golden-sand paradise and want to experience the whole Abel Tasman Coastal Track

Reach for the stars and walk the entire length of one of New Zealand’s Great Walks in just 4 days! Reward yourself by staying in some fantastic accommodation places  and enjoy the some delicious dining along the way. Spend time walking through the more popular sections of the track as well as the less-travelled northern section.

4 Day Backpacker

Take your adventure into your own hands and backpack the Abel Tasman Coastal Track

Spend 4 days walking the track, taking time to explore some of the many side tracks to secluded beaches, breath-taking viewpoints and forest fringed streams. Stay in wonderful bunk rooms and take control of your adventure by carrying all your own gear and cooking for yourself.

5 Day Self-guided Options


Got a little more time? Take in one of our 5 Day trips, exploring the entire length of the stunning Abel Tasman Coastal track, with the luxurious addition of an extra night in one of our favorite lodges to really immerse yourself in the surroundings.

5 Day All The Way North

Indulge in our 5-day trip with a northern flavor!

Indulge in our 5 day trip with a northern flavor! Take in the entirety of the stunning coastal track including its treasured northern section, and delight in an extra day exploring all the wonders that Golden Bay has to offer. From Farwell Spit tours, crystal clear natural springs, spectacular short walks, or a spot of kayaking – this gorgeous bay has something for everyone.

5 Day All The Way Classic

Love to walk the entire track and have a little extra time to enjoy the wonders of Awaroa, heart of the Abel Tasman National Park?

Our 5 Day Classic is perfect for you – see all the things that the coastal track has become famous for, and embrace Awaroa with an extra day spent there exploring, kayaking, or with some well-earnt relaxation!

2 Day Self-guided Options


Perfect for a weekend getaway. Spend 2 days in the Abel Tasman visiting the highlights of our smallest National Park and walking the wonderful Abel Tasman Coastal Track. Get inspired by the dazzling array of wonders to be found in this little corner of New Zealand.

2 Day Classic (North)

Immerse yourself in the heart of the park and enjoy a night of luxury

Be sure to fit in the highlights of the Abel Tasman National Park while wandering at your own pace with all the information you will need and logistics taken care of. Stay at the lovely Awaroa Lodge where you will have everything you could need and still feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

2 Day Classic (South)

Find out what all the fuss is about and experience the Abel Tasman with a night at the most popular Beach in the park

The Abel Tasman National Park has long been known as one of the most beautiful areas in New Zealand. And in 2 days you could definitely find out why. Come and walk the best parts of the Abel Tasman Coastal Track and spend a night at Anchorage with your choice between 2 uniquely kiwi accommodation options.

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